Countryfile downed in conker fight

Wed, 06/10/2010 - 16:26
Submitted by Fergus Collins

In October’s issue, I wrote about the joys of conkers and conker fights. To my delight, a colleague at BBC Magazines Bristol organized a proper conker knockout today, using the official World Championship rules. Eight of us took part in this second annual competition including Jo, James and me from the Countryfile Magazine team.

James was the first to fall – valiantly smiting a tough little nut from BBC Focus magazine but destroying his own conker in the process.

My large and bold conker held its own in the first fight, finally downing its opponent by blasting it from the string. But my second-round opponent, from BBC History Magazine, bludgeoned my champion until worrying cracks began appearing.

Unfortunately for my opponent, his conker was suffering from internal damage and when I went for a death or glory strike, both conkers were obliterated in a shower of nutty shards. We were both eliminated but I felt honour was maintained.

Jo however fared better, cruising past several opponents on the way to the final. However, after a protracted war of attrition, she was surprised by a sneaky downward shot from her BBC Focus Magazine opponent. In a tangle of strings, Jo’s conker was tugged her hand to the ground.

Under official rules, this meant that she forfeited the match. Jay (right) from BBC Focus won the cup.

Next year, revenge will be sweet…

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