This week's best TV & radio: 17 -23 July

Fri, 16/07/2010 - 08:05
Submitted by Dave Perrett



There is no Countryfile this week.


Wainwright Walks: Coast to Coast
Thursday – 7pm – BBC Two
Another chance to see Julia Bradbury follows in the footsteps of guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright by walking across the whole of northern England.
The Private Life of pigs
Thursday – 8pm – BBC Two
Jimmy Doherty embarks on a quest to reveal the hidden lives of farmyard animals. How sensitive is a pig's nose? Why can they find truffles underground? How do piglets find the right teat to feed from? Pigs are very intelligent, but can they recognise themselves in a mirror?


Britain by Bike
Tuesday – 8.30pm – BBC Four
Clare Balding attempts to rediscover Britain from the saddle of a touring cycle, following in the wheeltracks of compulsive cyclist and author Harold Briercliffe, whose evocative guide books of the late 1940s lovingly describe by-passed Britain. She begins on the Atlantic coast of north Devon.
Britain Goes Camping
Tuesday – 9pm – BBC Four
Featuring the memories and unseen archive of generations of enthusiasts, this documentary tells the story of how sleeping under canvas evolved from a leisure activity for adventurous Edwardian gents to the quintessentially British family pastime that it is today.
The Great British Outdoors
Wednesday – 8pm – BBC Four
Mark Benton voices a witty tribute to a very British story of mud, sweat and tent pegs in a world without a solid roof.


Monday – 8pm – ITV1
Paul Heiney uand the team are in Snowdonia to discover how the mountains actually provide a living for the locals and slate for the world.


Open Country
Saturday - 6.07am - BBC Radio 4
Helen Mark takes to the waters of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.

On Your Farm

Sunday - 6.35am - BBC Radio 4

Elinor Goodman visits a watercress farm in Dorset.


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