The truth about potatoes

Joanna Blythman finds out why the humble spud is leading the way in meeting the world’s food needs

The truth about pears

Pears are ripening on the trees now, but sadly many people have never tasted a decent one. Joanna Blythman finds out why

Why not make your own jam?

Forget the shop-bought stuff, we’re making it ourselves now. Clare Hargreaves looks at the revival in home preserving, from chutneys to conserves, and jams to jellies

You Brits are ashamed of your own food, says MasterChef champion

Mat Follas, winner of MasterChef 2009, tells Cavan Scott why the British need to shed their cultural inferiority complex

Unmissable Autumn Food and Drink Festivals

Cavan Scott and Liz Barrett tuck into some of the mouth-watering food festivals that are celebrating the best of British produce this Autumn

The truth about tomatoes

Should we buy British glasshouse-grown tomatoes or foreign fruits that have clocked up food miles? Joanna Blythman investigates

Meet the Countryfile Magazine Local Food Heroes 2009

In our latest issue we reveal our 2009 food heroes, those champions fighting to keep traditional British food alive

Eating your enemy

Clare Hargreaves learns to love weeds and discovers how you can eat the landscape on a foraging course. Just watch out for the buttercups...

The Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards 2009

Sheila Dillon, presenter of Radio 4’s Food Programme explains why the BBC Food and Farming Awards really matter. Interview by Clare Hargreaves

Pick of the best fish and chips shops

Fish and chips is a British institution, but many fish species are in real danger of being lost forever due to overfishing. Mark Taylor discovers the shops that are selling the best sustainable fish
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