Do you believe the Hunting Act will be repealed by the coalition government?

52% (115 votes)
48% (108 votes)
Total votes: 223

save the fox

Wed, 03/11/2010 - 19:46

hi there,i think that fox hunting is disgusting and we all know its a sport and nothing else,my so called uncle has done it for years and i know they even breed foxes to let the dogs on them to practice,why would you do this if there were so called to many in the first place,this is barbaric and makes me feel ill,they should be ashamed to call themselves human beings,they are just sickos,,this is so so cruel and should never be allowed to start with let alone return.debbie.

The unspeakable still in pursuit of the uneatable !

Sat, 10/07/2010 - 10:50

I am not a 'furry' and realise that there are times when animals have to be 'slaughtered', the polite word for which is now 'culled', a marksmans bullet is still the cleanest and most humane way of doing the job.

In the 21st century we should not be hunting down, with large packs of dogs [I beg their pardon 'Hounds'] smallish furry creature to show how superior we are.

As far as the controlling fox hunting is concerned the Act has had little effect. People no longer 'hunt', but take 'Hounds' for a walk in large groups. And if they scent a fox [for instance] they have to be caught to regain control of the dogs ! This results in often the death of a wild creature, after [with any luck] a couple of hours chase....... In respect of controlling fox hunting the Act has been a failure. after all it is difficult to curb the practices of those who having made the law, want to find a way round it ! but other spin offs of it are a great support in the fight against wildlife crime.

It is probable that the Hunting Act will be repealed, but if [When] it is, there needs to be a well conceived, well written, wildlife supportive, Act in it's place. Though if the 'Will if the people' is deemed of any importance......... Oh sorry we have just had an election, so our wishes don't count for anything for another several years yet !

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