My country life: the coble restorer

Gemma Hall meets Peter Weightman, who is helping to keep these traditional north-east fishing vessels alive

Five days to the weekend: Minster Lovell

Natasha Hayes tells us why this charming Oxfordshire village is the perfect country getaway

Discover the remote Outer Hebrides

Lucy Gilmore takes us to her Island of Dreams in the wild and windswept Outer Hebrides

Top Ten British Mazes

Natasha Hayes encourages us to get lost in her pick of the best mazes in the UK

Regional food: Chase Potato Vodka

Pippa Stephens has a tipple of Herefordshire-grown potato vodka that's claimed to be the best in the world

Food hero: meet watercress farmer Tim Jesty

Watercress is a modern ‘superfood’ but farming it is still a hard, seven-days-a-week job. So why does Tim Jesty do it? Clare Hargreaves went to find out

BBC Countryfile Magazine - August 2010

Listen to the new Countryfile Magazine podcast

News & Events 9 - 15 August

The year's biggest meteor shower, research into home-sick snails, pesticides linked with falling bee population, plus country events near you.

Britain by Bike

Being forced to saddle up on two wheels for a new BBC television series transforms Clare Balding’s experience of the British countryside

Regional food: Kendal mint cake

When is a cake not a cake? When it is from Kendal. Clare Hargreaves investigates the story of the minty mountaineer’s nibble
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