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Apple Day celebrates its 21st anniversary this year, so get down to your nearest fruity event for some juicing, tasting and everything that's apple related!

Food hero: meet ice-cream maker Gioia Minghella

Gioia Minghella's family combines Oscar-winning films with award-winning ices. Clare Hargreaves went to meet her

Regional food: the Cornish pasty

The pasty nourished the miners and now it's the tourist's favourite snack. Clare Hargreaves explores its enduring appeal

Food hero: meet brewer James Arkell

James Arkell makes superb bitters at the brewery that was voted 2010 brewery of the year by The Good Pub Guide. Anthony Burton went to meet him

The truth about breakfast cereals

They may be a tasty instant meal, but what's actually in our breakfast cereals? Joanna Blythman investigates
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Food hero: meet cheesemaker George Keen

George Keen uses raw milk and traditional techniques to craft one of the world's finest cheddars. Clare Hargreaves went to meet him.
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Regional food: Chase Potato Vodka

Pippa Stephens has a tipple of Herefordshire-grown potato vodka that's claimed to be the best in the world
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Food hero: meet watercress farmer Tim Jesty

Watercress is a modern ‘superfood’ but farming it is still a hard, seven-days-a-week job. So why does Tim Jesty do it? Clare Hargreaves went to find out
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Regional food: Kendal mint cake

When is a cake not a cake? When it is from Kendal. Clare Hargreaves investigates the story of the minty mountaineer’s nibble
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Food buyer's guide: peas

British peas are at their sweetest now – so long as they are freshly picked. By Joanna Blythman
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