Regional food: the Bath bun

The Bath bun has been enjoyed in the city for more than 300 years. Clare Hargreaves finds out what makes it so special

Regional food: The Bedfordshire clanger

After hearing rumours of an extraordinary pasty native to the county of Bedfordshire, Clare Hargreaves decided to track it down

Food buyer's guide: strawberries

How to select the ripest and tastiest varieties of this summer fruit. By Joanna Blythman

Food buyer's guide: yoghurt

A truly healthy, tasty food that’s made in Britain – but stick to the natural option, says Joanna Blythman

Food buyer's guide: pasta

It is part of many people’s staple diet, but should you buy fresh or dried pasta? Joanna Blythman investigates

We ate all the pies

Editor Fergus Collins helps judge the British Pie Awards with Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury

Taste Britain’s most celebrated potato, the Jersey Royal

This regal spud with a heavenly flavour is a spring food highlight. Clare Hargreaves investigates why it is so special

Pick of the best new farm shops

Every year new farm shops spring up all over the countryside. Cavan Scott chooses his favourites from
this year’s FARMA Best Farm Newcomer award finalists

The truth about eggs

Joanna Blythman investigates our love affair with eggs and finds that welfare is becoming a growing priority

The truth about lettuce and salad leaves

Bags of pre-washed mixed salad leaves are a staple of chefs and home cooks, but Joanna Blythman investigates what eating these greens really means…
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