YOUR WILDLIFE GARDEN: Say no to non-native pond plants

Be careful when populating your pond with plants, as you may introduce species that aren’t native to our shores and that can have disastrous effects on our own ecosystem. Words: Cavan Scott

Britain's best canal-side pubs

Whether chugging along on a narrowboat or strolling the towpaths, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in traditional canal-side pub. Caroline Rhodes picks five of the best

Five days to the weekend: Bradford on Avon

Paddle upstream from Bath and you’ll come to the picturesque town of Bradford on Avon. Nick Peers chills out in a refined atmosphere

What's coming up on this week's Countryfile - Sunday 16 August

Join the Countryfile team as they visit North Oxfordshire

A bit of Friday fun - Enter the Countryfile Magazine caption competition!

Let's have a giggle. Why not enter our caption comp to win a... (cue Sale of the Century-style 'oooooooo') Countryfile Magazine mug?

British Wildlife Watch: Go rockpooling

Miranda Krestovnikoff, from the BBC Coast team, reveals top tips for rockpooling on Britain's beaches

John Craven's last word - On rewilding, evicting bees and getting rid of sell-by dates...

John Craven returns for his monthly musings on country affairs. Should we be bothering to bring back beavers, why a council has banned bees and do we need sell-by dates on our food?

BBC Coast's Neil Oliver - "Why we Brits love our coast!"

Neil Oliver explains the success of the hit BBC Two show's success and why we brits adore our coastline. Interviewed by Cavan Scott

One minute guide: Ethnic Diversity

Mark Rowe reports on the efforts to encourage more ethnic groups to visit Britain's National Parks

Five days to the weekend: Llangollen

It’s just 15 miles from the English border, but arriving in Llangollen is like entering another, more magical world. Nick Peers explores this quintessentially Welsh town
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