This week's best TV & radio: 11 December - 17 December

Fri, 10/12/2010 - 14:29
Submitted by Joanna Tinsley


Countryfile – Sunday – 6pm
Julia Bradbury and Adam Henson head to the river exe in Devon, where Julia gets to see some avocets in the wetlands and Adam learns how to farm muscle in an ecologically friendly way. John Craven takes a look at some of the major issues that are impacting our countryside, elsewhere in Britain.

Jimmy’s Food Factory – Wednesday – 8pm
In this episode, Jimmy Doherty investigates the use of temperature in the manufacture of different foods. In particular, he experiments creating a soft-scoop ice cream, discovers the process behind a popular takeaway snack and meets a broccoli farmer who shows him the effects of temperature on his crop.



Making Scotland’s Landscape – Saturday – 6pm
In the last of this five part series, Professor Iain Stewart looks at how scientists and engineers from the Industrial Revolution in Scotland instigated the events that have led towards climate change as we know it today. He goes on to address the current situation, in the transforming of a carbon to a green economy.

Johnny Kingdom’s Year with the Birds – Sunday – 7pm 
The wildlife expert is sad to find that the great spotted woodpeckers are no longer in their roosting site. But, excitement ensues when he discovers that a pair of Canada geese have produced five goslings, and are nesting on his pond.

Edwardian Farm – Wednesday – 8pm
Now at the midway point in their year-long experiment, Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman mark the occasion by presenting one whole day in the life of a typical Edwardian farmer. Making use of a cache of letters written in the 1900s, the team illustrate the technicalities of wearing a corset, brushing their teeth and doing the shopping. They even experience a football match with some rather different rules than those in place today.

Natural World – Friday – 8pm 
‘Butterflies: A Very British Obsession’
Examining the state of the decreasing numbers of butterflies, despite their popularity with the British public. A profile of street artist Nick Walker is created, showing how he uses images of these delicate creatures in his artwork.


Countrywise Kitchen – Monday – 8pm
This week the team heads to Wales where they explore what’s on offer in the Gower peninsula: chef Mike Robinson goes in search of a seaside lunch, while Paul Heiney finds out about Welsh black beef and salt marsh lamb.


On Your Farm – Sunday – 6.35am
The first of a two-part series, Caz Graham explores the issue of how to control TB and the consequent treatment of badgers. She speaks to two farmers in Tiverton about how they have been affected by the problems.





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