Vote for your favourite ruin

Countryfile Magazine and John Craven are searching for Britain’s most romantic ruin. Intrigued as to why our countryside has some many evocative historic remains, the Countryfile team want to explore why so many of us love to visit the crumbling remains of our past.

As John Craven says: “Is it by the impact they have on the landscape, the legends that surround them and the part they have played in our nation’s story, or is it simply the place they have in our hearts? How tumbledown should they be, how spectacular, how windswept, how threatening, how magical?”

So we asked the UK’s heritage bodies for their favourite ruins and from this shortlist of 50, a panel including John Craven and Countryfile’s Jules Hudson whittled down the list to just 10.

The shortlist of 10 ruins is here (for a full description and to read John Craven's article about Britain's ruins, please see the November issue of Countryfile Magazine, now on sale):

Now we’re asking you to vote for your favourites. Pick your top three choices from the list of ruins below and fill in the form below. Make sure you vote for three different ruins in order of preference. Every entry will be entered into a prize draw and the lucky winner will win five great books about the British countryside.

Carreg Cennen Castle
Corfe Castle
Dunluce Castle
Dunstanburgh Castle
Fountains Abbey
Kenilworth Castle
Kilchurn Castle
Llansteffan Castle
Sweetheart Abbey
Whitby Abbey

The closing date for entries is 26 November. The winning ruin will be announced in the February issue of Countryfile magazine, on sale 11 January 2011

The prize books are: John Craven's Countryfile Handbook, Britain from Above by Ian Harrison, Coast by Christopher Somerville, The Most Beautiful Villages of England by James Bentley and 501 Great Days Out

End Date: 26/11/2010
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